Saturday, December 18, 2010

Peugeot 206 Sound Deadening

The sound quality in my car is just average. The front speakers are good, but lacking in bass, so there is a sub woofer in the trunk to take care of the bass. But I'm not quite happy with the bass coming from the back and the fact that the sub woofer, wiring and amplifier is taking up extra space and makes the car look untidy.

So I decided to sound proof the front doors, in an attempt to get better bass and improve sound quality from the front speakers. I bought a roll of sound deadening material from the local car accessories store. It was quite cheap at US$10 per metre. Dynamat would have cost ridiculously more than that.

I installed the sound deadener and now the bass and sound quality is much better from the front speakers. It is so good that I don't need the sub woofer any more and had it removed.

My favourite test CDs are Kill Bill Volume 1 and Denon Hi-Fi Check CD.

I bought 2 metres of it. One metre for front doors and another metre for the back doors in future.

This must be from China. Could be a Dynamat copy.

The deadener is about 3mm thick with a metallic film on one side.

A single piece of deadener was cut which followed the shape of the original foam cover on the door.

Sound deadener was also applied to the door card at certain locations only.

A ring of foam was added around the speakers to isolate the sound from the door card. The speaker is a Kicker ES60.

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