Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coolant Change, Engine and Radiator Flushing

Replaced the 7 years old original coolant. Supposed to use only Revkogel 2000 or Glysantin G33 as specified by Peugeot, but used Shell OAT coolant instead, since they are the same technology.

Old coolant must be collected in a container and disposed properly. To drain the old coolant, the expansion chamber cap was opened and the bottom radiator hose was disconnected.

This is how 7 years old coolant looks like. Brown just like mud water. New coolant is orange and transparent.

The thermostat and top radiator hose was removed prior to flushing the engine cooling circuit.

The thermostat.

The thermostat. Scale had deposited onto the black rubber seal. It was removed by soaking in vinegar and gently picking them off.

The top and bottom radiator hose was removed to flush the radiator separately from the engine.

Next was engine flushing. Water was fed into the expansion chamber...

...and water comes out from the other ends.

The cleaned thermostat and rubber seal put back.

Shell Coolguard OAT works well. I used 1 liter coolant with 2 liters of water. 6 liters of solution was required.

Bleed point for removing air.

Bleed point for removing air.