Saturday, May 22, 2010

33 Way Modular Connector

Green Connectors A1-A12 : Multifunction switch
Yellow Connectors B1-B12 : Hydraulic block
Green Connectors C1-C3 : Oil pressure sensor
Yellow Connectors D1-D2 : Turbine speed sensor
Blue Connectors E1-E2 : Output speed sensor

Transmission oil somehow managed to find its way into the connectors, probably through the wires. This needs to be cleaned! Related AL4 Posts

Monday, May 10, 2010

AL4 Output Speed Sensor

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AL4 Transmission Breather Hose

Many people have debated on the existence of the AL4 transmission breather hose. To end the debate, here's a photo of it. It is located under the battery and looks L-shaped.
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Peugeot 206 MAP Sensor

I've noticed a bit of engine oil in the air intake into the throttle body. I guessed some of oil could have fouled the MAP sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor), perhaps causing the strange gear change problem when the engine is started from cold in the early morning.

I'm also wondering whether the blended engine oil could have caused this. Yes, in the effort to make use leftover engine oil, I've mixed several brands together. The bad thing about this now is that there's a lot of oil in the air hose from the engine to the throttle body, which should not be the case. Lesson learned, mixing engine oils is bad.

After taking out the MAP sensor, sure enough it was soaked in black gooey engine oil. Did a bit of cleaning and now it looks cleaner.

The location of the MAP sensor.

The Bosch MAP sensor.

Removed much of the oil from around the yellow blob, which I guess is the sensor.

Cleaning the sensor with contact cleaner results in better throttle response and more stable idling.

Here's other people cleaning their MAP sensor.

Dodge Cummins MAP cleaning:

Jeep Liberty MAP cleaning:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

AL4 Transmission Oil Level Check

The transmission has been behaving abnormally. It would hang on 1st gear for quite some time before engaging 2nd gear, whenever driven for the first time in the day. However it shifts fine for the rest of the day, but occasionally hangs on some of the gears. This is indicative of low transmission oil level.

To check the transmission oil level:
1. Drive the car to warm up the oil to about 60C.
2. Park the car on horizontal ground and chock the wheels.
3. Put the gear into Park position and put the handbrakes on.
4. With the engine running at idle speed, remove the level plug.
5. If oil streams out and then starts to drip, the oil level is correct. Close the level plug.
6. If oil drips out or does not flow at all, close the level plug, stop the engine, and add 0.5 litres of transmission oil through the filler hole.
7. Repeat the level checking procedure until the level is correct.

Too much oil may have the following consequences:
1. abnormal heating of the oil,
2. oil leaks.

Too little oil may damage the transmission.

The level plug is within the drain plug. The drain plug requires a 27mm spanner and the level plug requires a 19mm spanner. To check the oil level, only the level plug needs to be removed.

The drain plug and level plug.
(photo from jacafrica at aussiefrogs)

The filler plug can be accessed by removing the air intake hose and shifting the gear into Drive (with the engine off!). The surrounding area must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid any dirt and debris getting into the transmission and ruining it.

An 8mm square drive is required to open the filler plug. This can be bought from a hardware store or online from ebay seller NTR Trading Company.

The filler plug and copper washer.
(photo from jacafrica at aussiefrogs)

The filler hole is about 14mm. Care must be taken to not drop anything into it.

A funnel and a long hose, not more than 14mm in diameter at the base, helps the transmission oil to flow into the bottom of the transmission. The blue tape marks the depth of the transmission bottom from the filler hole.

AL4 transmission oil ESSO ATF 4HP20.

AL4 transmission oil ESSO ATF 4HP20.
Peugeot part number 9736.22.

The funnel with the hose inserted into the filler hole.

Sigh... after topping up the oil, the gear change is still not smooth, especially when engine is cold in the morning. I suspect there's some water in the transmission, since the car has a history of driving in flood water. Hmm... need to change out the oil in future.

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