Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kicker ES60

Bought a new pair of speakers for my Peugeot 206. The Kicker ES60 is 6 inches in diameter and takes 195 watts peak.

Not sure about the polarity of the original wires, because they are unmarked on the original speakers, but a multimeter test indicated the brown/green is +ve and pink/black is -ve. The brown and black goes to a tweeter mounted near the side mirror.

Speaker fits nicely onto the mounting without leaving any air gaps.

Removed the tweeter near the side mirror and relying on the Kicker's tweeter instead.

Cut out a hole in the original plastic grille, to allow more sound into the cabin.

The Kicker's aggressive looking plastic grille does not match the interior, so the hole is covered with an aftermarket metal grille.

The original mid bass component speaker, used together with a separate tweeter.

Made by Goodmans UK, apparently rated at 20W.

Sound test verdict: definitely clearer and better quality sound, however lost a bit of bass thump. Perhaps the original Clarion RD3 head unit does not have enough juice for the hungry Kickers. Hmm... a subwoofer would help.