Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Air Conditioner Not Working

My Peugeot 206 air conditioner failed today. When I turned on the air conditioner's switch, the blower fan did not turn, but the compressor turned. That means the switch is working fine and the blower fan is probably dead. I took out the blower fan and tested it with another 12V power supply. The blower fan works. Hmm... I thought there must be something dead between the blower fan and the switch. Looking into the blower fan compartment, I saw the resistor. I took that out and tested it with a multimeter. The resistor works. Hmm... looking closer at the wiring, I found a burned connector. Ah ha! That's the problem. Gotta fix that!

The instructions for taking them out.

Open the glove box.

Remove the cover by pulling it out.

Remove 7 screws.

Push compartment down and under the dashboard.

Locate the blower fan. Disconnect the power supply.

Rotate blower fan clockwise and pull it out.

The blower fan.

Pull out the cover and remove the dust inside.

The Peugeot 206 blower fan resistor.

Rotate the resistor to release it and pull it out gently.

The resistor with the shield removed.

The one burned pin in the connector.

Retrieve the connector from the top of the dashboard.
Remove the clock and warning lights first.

Pull the connector out.

The burned pin (front red wire) that goes to the blower fan.
The red wire behind goes to "Speed 4" on the fan speed knob.
Both red wires are actually always connected inside the blower fan resistor.
So the burned pin can be removed and the fan wire reconnected to the "Speed 4" wire.

The blower fan wire reconnected to the "Speed 4" wire with a butt splice connector.

The wires back into the connector.
Put everything back in reverse order.
The air conditioner now works normally.